Hello Goddess or Handsome friend!

When I was 23 years old I found my passion.  I already had a business degree and was successful working for an import/export company in England but I felt there was more I could offer to people.

I was introduced to an esthetician friend who inspired me to help people through giving the gift of wonderful skin.  I saw how great glowing skin could improve someone’s confidence and self-esteem which in turn had a positive impact on the other aspects of their life.

After graduating from an esthetician school in Brazil I dedicated the next 20 years perfecting my skills through international work and study.  I worked with prominent doctors in Brazil, France, Argentina, and the USA.  I currently have my own spa in California.

Starting in 2013 I began having health issues due to environmental pesticides that culminated in a severe scare when an abnormal finding was found in my breast.  Fortunately, the mass was benign and removed but I still suffered from debilitating hormone imbalances.  I had to relocate and make major changes to my diet, supplements, and lifestyle to regain my health.

I began eating organic foods and remove toxic, chemical-based products from my household and the products that I used on my face and body.  Thankfully all the changes have resulted in the recovery of my health.  But I saw the need to give health benefits to others through skin care products that avoid using chemicals or endocrine disruptors.

I wanted to offer natural, plant-based skin care products to my clients so I developed the LamorosA Natural Skin Care line.  The products use advanced plant-based active ingredients and do not contain Parabens, Sulphates, Mineral oils, Petroleum, Synthetic Fragrances, Colors, Silicones, or Glycols.  We use essential oils extracted from plants and herbs which gives a soft and gentle smell.  Although the ingredients are organic some are not certified.

The products have proved highly effective with my clients and with my own skin.  Yes, I tested the products with my own skin first!  Please see the before and after pictures for the results.

LamorosA Natural Skin Care products reactivate the aged fibroblasts' vitality and collagen system.  Deep lines and wrinkles are decreased significantly following two months of treatment. The result is an overall improvement in hydration, firmness, elasticity, and smoothness.

'Amorosa' means a loving woman in Portuguese. These products are formulated for men and women.  I want to help all of us age gracefully, maintain a youthful appearance, and fall in love with our skin and ourselves.

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to ask me any questions.

~ Silvia